When You've Got Blue Skies, It's Going To Be A Great Day!


Here are some of the things that you can expect when getting started with Consumer Directed Services (CDS):


Application Process:

Individuals interested in receiving Consumer Directed Service (CDS) must have a assessment completed by Dept. of Health and Senior Service (DHSS) to determine if they are eligible and if so, what type of service they need. The assessment is free and can be scheduled by calling (866) 835-3505, a toll free number. Request the DHSS staff to be assessed for CDS and have your Medicaid number available. If you would like, Blue Skies’ staff will contact you to discuss the assessment process in detail.  Send us an email by going to our “Staff” page or call us at one of the numbers listed on the “Contact Us” page.


Transferring your CDS to Blue Skies Home Care LLC:

Transferring to Blue Skies Home Care from another vendor is as easy as calling the Department of Health and Senior Services and tell them you want to transfer your CDS to Blue Skies Home Care LLC.  If you live in the western half of North Missouri or Kansas City area, call the Dept. of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) at (816) 889-2206.  If you live in the eastern half of North Missouri, call DHSS at (573) 441-6222.  If you are not sure which phone number to use, check the DHSS’ county map.

Be sure to have your Medicaid number available. Transferring will not effect your current hours or attendant duties. Please contact us also in order that we can make your transition seamless.  Send us an email by going to our “Staff” page or call us at one of the numbers listed on the “Contact Us” page. You will be happy you switched to Blue Skies Home Care!


You are the Employer:

In the CDS program, you direct your own care.  You are the employer and your caregiver/attendant is your employee. Blue Skies’ staff will complete all the paperwork and handle all tax withholdings and payments for the IRS, Missouri DOR, Employment Security, and Social Security.


Picking an Attendant (Paid Caregiver):

The beauty of CDS is that you choose your own attendant (other than a spouse or person under 18 years old). All attendants are required to register with the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry. This registration will cost $14.00 plus a $1.25 online fee and can be done online using “Resources” at the top of this page.  Prior to working as a paid caregiver, attendant applicants must pass background checks with no disqualifying criminal history and be authorized to work in the United States.  Most people know who they want to be their attendant.  If you don’t have someone in mind, Blue Skies’ staff can help you find a qualified individual to hire as your attendant.



When you have been approved for CDS services, Blue Skies’ staff will assist you in organizing a work schedule for your attendant/caregiver.  You and your attendant/employee will be trained in how to complete bi-weekly timesheets and submission of timesheets to Blue Skies Home Care for payment.  Attendants are paid the week following the end of the bi-weekly pay period.  If errors occur, Blue Skies’ staff will promptly notify you to correct mistakes or omissions on timesheets in a timely manner.


Staff Contact:

We know that starting or transferring CDS services can be a little scary.  Blue Skies’ staff will be there to guide you through the process and help you live independently with Blue Skies’ CDS.  After you have started CDS services, Blue Skies’ staff will contact you at least monthly to ensure your satisfaction with your CDS services and that your needs are being met.  At a minimum, we make home visits every three months.  If needed, we’ll make home visits more often.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Blue Skies’ website.  We would like to talk with you about CDS in Missouri. Please give us a call or email by visiting the “Contact Us” or “Staff” page.